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Basic English Conversation Dialogues for College / University Physical Therapy Students



2022年4月1日発行 B5版 144ページ 著者:Dr. Faramarz Samifanni <学習者の皆さんへ> http://www.ipec-pub.co.jp/ipec/pdf/sample/basic_english_ot_learner.pdf <中身を見る> http://www.ipec-pub.co.jp/ipec/pdf/sample/basic_english_sample_pt.pdf 【もくじ】 Table of Contents Acknowledgment To the Learner To the Instructor Introduction Pre-Segment ■SEGMENT 1 PHYSICAL THERAPY Unit 1: Who is a Physical Therapist? Unit 2: The Job of a Physical Therapist (Part 1) Unit 3: The Job of a Physical Therapist (Part 2) Unit 4: Lower Back Pain Unit 5: Key Benefits of Physical Therapy ■SEGMENT 2 INTERVENTION STRATEGIES Unit 6: What is Gait? Unit 7: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Unit 8: Keeping Balance and Body Stability Unit 9: Partial Weight Bearing Unit 10: Peripheral Neuropathy ■SEGMENT 3 OLD AGE -RELATED DISABILITIES Unit 11: Osteoporosis Unit 12: Knee Osteoarthritis Unit 13: Diabetes Mellitus Unit 14: Dementia Unit 15: Ischemic Heart Disease ■Appendices A. Physical Therapy Most Important Terms B. Medical Idioms C. Answer Key 【登録情報】 978-486415-118-4 C3047